noviembre 10, 2022

PRIX DAY: A Plantless Planet

By Ars Electronica and Quo Artis
Date: 9th of September 2022
Roundtable at Ars Electronica Festival 2022.
noviembre 1, 2022

Community Alellopathy: Epicuro Lab workshop

By Ars Electronica and Quo Artis
Dates: 7th to 11th of September 2022
Workshop conducted by Epicuro Lab within Ars Electronica Festival 2022.
agosto 17, 2022

EXHIBITION: Ars Electronica Festival 2022

By Ars Electronica and Quo Artis
Dates: 7th to 11th of September 2022
Roots & Seeds XXI closing event at Ars Electronica Festival 202: Welcome to Planet B.
julio 25, 2022

Unstable Ecologies: Transmedia Research Institute

By Quo Artis
Dates: 30th of July 2022
Workshop conducted by Margherita Pevere at the Transmedia Research Institute.
junio 6, 2022

Roots & Seeds XXI in collaboration with PiNA

By Quo Artis and PiNA
Dates: 7th of June 2022
A morning of conversations and a multidisciplinary inquiry into the botanical life of Koper, culminating in a group cartography and a walk in a surrounding meadow.
mayo 19, 2022

Taming the Garden: Resilienze Festival 2022

By work cooperative Kilowatt
Dates: May 26th 2022
Presentation at Resilienze Festival 2022
mayo 18, 2022

ISEA 2022

By the Open University of Catalonia, Quo Artis, MACBA, CCCB, Arts Santa Mónica, Catalonian Government
Dates: June 15th 2022
Presentation at ISEA Barcelona 2022
abril 28, 2022

Nature and Us

By Universitat de Barcelona and Institute of Botany of Barcelona (IBB-CSIC)
Dates: May 3rd 2022
Event merging literature, botany and traditional knowledge in the Maternity Gardens of Barcelona.
abril 11, 2022

Alone or in Mound?

By Leonardo/Olats
Dates: 21st April 2022
Initiated by Leonardo/ISAST, LASER (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendez-vous) is the sharing of experiences about art-science projects in semi-formal meetings outside the institutional format.