ISEA 2022
mayo 18, 2022
Image by Klemen Skočir
Roots & Seeds XXI in collaboration with PiNA
junio 6, 2022


TAMING THE GARDEN: Resilienze Festival 2022

26th May 2022
Resilienze Festival, Bologna (IT)



Resilienze Festival 2022 - Institutional presentation of Roots & Seeds XXI by Quo Artis
26th of May 2022 Via Castiglione 134, Bologna

Resilienze Festival is a project conceived and produced by Kilowatt addressing great planetary transformations by showing the interactions, links and connections between the environment, society, economy and culture, interrogating artistic languages to explore alternative points of view..

Quo Artis presented Roots & Seeds XXI in Resilienze Festival 2022 with artist-in-residence Margherita Pevere in the screening of the film Taming the Garden, in collaboration with MUBI.

Taming the Garden is a poetic ode to the rivalry between men and nature. The documentary follows the tiring and wasteful transportation of trees from the coast of the Republic of Georgia to the private garden of the former prime minister of the country. The film was introduced by Tatiana Kourochkina, director of project leader Quo Artis and Margherita Pevere, bioartist and researcher. The event was moderated by Nicoletta Tranquillo, from Kilowatt, starting from experiences generated from international residencies and the project Roots and Seeds XXI, which promotes empathy and knowledge of the botanical world and protection of biodiversity thanks to connection between art and science.

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