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28th May 2022
Treviso, IT


Margherita Pevere undertook a week-long artist residency in a garden in Treviso, hosted by Quo Artis. Developing on her previous research project, titled unframing death, the residency culminated in an event organised by Quo Artis and TRA (Treviso Ricerca Arte), consisting of a morning of conversations and a multidisciplinary inquiry into the botanical life of Treviso, including a group cartography of a garden in a private villa veneta. 


In times of surging ecological crisis, how can we shift our perspective, embrace ethical complexity, and foster attunement to botanical entities that inhabit one’s biotope?

During a week-long residency in the garden in Treviso, artist Margherita Pevere collaborated with various Roots & Seeds XXI partners and guests working in the fields of art, botany and transdisciplinary research through walks, conversations, and daily rituals. This focused on the local flora as a point of departure to reflect on biodiversity, environmental death and anthropogenic ecological changes. The residency was part of the artist’s wider research project, Unframing Death, an investigation into death from more-than-human and queer perspectives and an invitation to reflect on the process of dying as a creative one, responding to the urgency of art in times of environmental disruption and the ecological effects of human action.

In Treviso, invited participants attended a talk by the artist and conducted a Garden Cartography using Roots & Seeds XXI's Guidelines for an Emotional Cartography of a Garden, a publication developed by Gabino Carballo. The event was organised by Quo Artis and TRA (Treviso Ricerca Arte).