Edited by Leonardo/OLAT's director Annick Bureaud, Theater of Vegetal Appreciation* is an experimental hybrid publication on paper and online based on the contributions —notebooks sketches and writings—, podcasts, photographs and exchanges produced by the participants of the Roots & Seeds XXI's Multidisciplinary Garden Cartography in Paris. Cut, reassembled and woven together in nine stories, audience can access new experimental ways of addressing the vegetal biodiversity crisis from a sensorial, experience and emotional-based account.

General concept and editor: Annick Bureaud
Paper publication concept and realisation: Etienne Mineur
Professional photographer to the workshop: Quentin Chevrier
Card deck graphic designer: Perrine Serre
Podcasts sound designer: Jean-Yves Leloup

*Title borrowed from Laura Cinti’s contribution

Contribution material from:
Karine Bonneval (Bo), Annick Bureaud (Bu), Lucie Campagnolo (Ca), Quentin Chevrier (Ch), Laura Cinti (Ci), Kim Doan Quoc (Qu), Eva Figueras Ferrer (Fi), Teresa Garnatje Roca (Ga), Lauranne Germond (Ge), Tatiana Kourochkina (Ko), Loïc Le Noan (Len), Kristina Maurer (Ma), Marit Mihklepp (Mi), Sophie Nadot (Na), Cyrille Prestianni (Pr), Mar Redondo Arolas (Re), Meredith Root-Bernstein (Ro), Marc-André Selosse (Se), Perrine Serre (Se), Jean-Luc Soret (So), Anaïs Tondeur (To), Joan Vallès Xirau (Va).