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octubre 22, 2020
mayo 20, 2021




As part of its cooperative and co-creative approach, Roots & Seeds XXI produced a series of choral podcasts collecting transdisciplinary answers that connect artists, scientists, philosophers and social movements' representatives on their relationships to plants.

This series of podcasts was produced after 58 participants took part in the Roots and Seeds Multidisciplinary Garden Cartographies, participatory events which took place in Barcelona, Linz and Paris during 2021. It is based on a set of questions printed on a deck of cards, which was specially designed for the project. The cards were also used for a variety of purposes, fostering debates, discussions and games with various audiences.

All the participants answered the following question: Roots or Seeds? Randomly, they also picked two other cards and responded to the prompts that were set by the podcast game:

Edible or Ornamental?
Local or Exotic?
Useful or Weed?
Color or Smell?
Human intervention or Natural evolution?
Aquatic or Terrestrial?
What is your favorite plant?

After each Garden Cartography, Leonardo/OLATS compiled all the answers, producing a collective series of choral podcasts that you can listen here.

Deck of Cards Proposition & Questions – Annick Bureaud
Cards Graphic Design – Perrine Serre
Podcasts Sound Design – Jean-Yves Leloup