mayo 20, 2021




As part of its cooperative and co-creative approach, Roots & Seeds XXI is producing 24 choral podcasts with transverse and transdisciplinary answers connecting artists, scientists, philosophers and social movements representatives about plants.

The production of the podcast is connected to the three cartographies of the project. We have recorded the different audios with the participants of the 3 workshops.

The podcasts are based on a set of questions printed on a deck of cards specially designed for the project. Those cards can be used for other purposes such as animating debates and discussions with an audience for instance.

For the podcasts, all the participants to the workshops have answered the so-called "joker question" that is based on the title of our project: Roots or Seeds? Then they have been asked to pick up randomly 2 cards and answer the 2 questions selected by chance.Those questions are:

- Edible or Ornamental
- Local or Exotic
- Useful or Weed
- Color or Smell
- Human intervention or Natural evolution
- Aquatic or Terrestrial
- What is your favorite plant

After each workshop, a compilation of all the answers to each question is produced and builds a collective series of podcasts with a sound illustration by Jean-Yves Leloup. 58 people have participated during our 3 workshops.