Awareness Videos
©Pavel Tavares and Marta Salazar

What is the Biodiversity Crisis?

Speaker: Lucio Montecchio

During the last years, the discourses around the loss of biodiversity and more sustainable production and consumption models have advanced widely in the fields of natural sciences, social sciences and new technologies. However, our actions individually and collectively are lagging behind. We call it "loss of biodiversity", but this is not a loss, we are killing biodiversity through our behaviour.

How can we change this and co-create a more sustainable future?

Multidisciplinary Garden Cartographies

Speaker: Claudia Schnugg

During the Roots & Seeds XXI workshops, participants from different fields (artists, scientists, philosophers, researchers, curators, cultural agents, and others), whose practices are linked to the plant world in different ways, will analyse the crisis of biodiversity with the intention of proposing sustainable ways of relating to nature. During the event, the participants will carry out a joint mapping of a garden. Beyond its taxonomic information, this cartography will have the intention of making visible discourses that consider plants as agents and not as resources.

Urban Biodiversity

Speaker: Gabino Carballo

Gardens have been called “la terza natura” by Jacopo Bonfadio, the third nature. They have also been called “the greater perfection” by Francis Bacon, the philosopher, suggesting that it was harder to grow a garden than to build anything else. Gardens, for all their poetry, reflect our vision of the world in terms of what nature should be like.

Art Industry

Speaker: Blanca de la Torre

"We still think that it’s enough to theorize on political ecology, and that we are already doing our part just by sitting in our academic chairs, and simply researching and writing essays on the climate crisis. But this is not enough anymore; we have reached the point where we need to act, and the time is now. Culture has to be a call to action, not just a call to thought".