A publication comprising art&science methodologies developed by Claudia Schnugg, interviews led by Lluís Nacenta and Tatiana Kourotchkina, as well as reflections on the biodiversity crisis by participants in Roots and Seeds XXI's Multidisciplinary Garden Cartographies. 


Roots and Seeds XXI. Biodiversity Crisis and Plant Resistance
© 2022 by Various authors. Published by Quo Artis Foundation.
is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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TATIANA KOUROTCHKINA, founder of the art and science foundation Quo Artis and art & science curator and producer. She has a degree in History and a second-level Master in Landscape Architecture (IUAV, Italy). She thinks that every person is a garden itself and that we are sharing a common planetary garden as humanity. And she believes that Art and Science are two perfect allies to take care of it.

LLUÍS NACENTA is a curator, writer, musician and researcher in the space of confluence of music, art, technology and science. He holds a degree in mathematics, a degree in piano, a master’s degree in comparative studies of literature, art and thought and a doctorate in humanities, with a thesis on musical repetition. He has been Head of Postgraduate Studies at Eina, University Center of Design and Art of Barcelona, from 2015 to 2017, Director of Hangar, Center for Production and Research of Visual Arts, from 2018 to 2021.

DR. CLAUDIA SCHNUGG is an expert in art and science collaboration. She is researcher in the intersections of art and aesthetics with science, technology and business. Fascinated by aesthetics, how what we know is connected to our senses and embedded in social structures, what her research is closely connected to projects she is working on in practice: art and science collaboration programs, media art projects, art and craft, exploration of visuals, spaces and rhythms, and effects of incorporation of art in corporations and scientific organizations.