Multidisciplinary Garden Cartography (BCN)
mayo 20, 2021
II International Forum HerbArt: Art and Science at confluence (BCN)
junio 23, 2021



Roots & Seeds XXI. Biodiversity Crisis and Plant Resistance
Festa de la Ciència Barcelona


TALK: ART, SCIENCE AND BIODIVERSITY: Roots & Seeds XXI. Biodiversity Crisis and Plant Resistance


Claudia Machuca, Quo Artis Foundation
Joan Vallès, research group EtnoBioFiC- University of Barcelona (UB) and Botanical Intitute of Barcelona (IBB-CSIC)

During the last years, the discourses around the loss of biodiversity and more sustainable production and consumption models have advanced widely in the fields of natural sciences, social sciences and new technologies. However, our actions individually and collectively are lagging behind.

Roots & Seeds XXI. Biodiversity Crisis and Plant Resistance is a cultural project that aims to establish bridges that help alleviate this delay. Through the creation of new imaginaries arising from the intersection of Art and Science, Roots & Seeds XXI and with the involvement of artists, economists and scientists, it will seek to promote practices that resonate with a wider audience. Throughout the two years that the project will last (until October 2022), we will produce events and activities that generate connections between artists, philosophers, botanists, activists, economists, designers and curators, with the intention of generating dialogues and charting new paths that place the plant world in the center. Understanding the plant world as an agent and not a resource, we will try to imagine new ways of relating to it.
BC21 – Festa de la Ciència – IG 1080×1080